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Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders services offered in Chandler, AZ

Mood disorders affect your emotional well-being and overall energy level, making you feel low and depressed or high and energetic. At Mayo Counseling Center, LLC, Debra Black-Mayo, MS, LPC, CCTP, CDBT, provides compassionate and comprehensive care for all types of mood disorders in people age 12 and older. If you experience a low mood lasting two weeks or longer, or swings between low and high moods, don’t wait to seek help. Call the office in Chandler, Arizona, or use online booking to request an in-person or telehealth appointment today.

Mood Disorders Q&A

What are mood disorders?

Mood disorders include several mental health conditions that cause a low mood (depression), high mood (mania), or both. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, mood disorders affect your feelings, behaviors, thoughts, and physical well-being.

What are the different types of mood disorders?

Mood disorders are separated into two groups with several different disorders:

One group, bipolar and related disorders, includes:

  • Bipolar I disorder
  • Bipolar II disorder
  • Cyclothymic disorder

The second group, depressive disorders, includes:

  • Major depressive disorder
  • Persistent depressive disorder (dysthymia)
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder

Postpartum depression is officially considered to be a major depressive disorder (MDD) called MDD with peripartum onset.

What are the symptoms of mood disorders?

If you have a depressive disorder, you only experience low moods. People with bipolar disorder have swings between depression and mania. The frequency of bipolar mood swings and the severity of your symptoms depend on the type of bipolar disorder.

The symptoms of manic episodes include:

  • Being constantly on the go (high energy)
  • Needling little to no sleep
  • Feeling very energized (despite lacking sleep)
  • Having racing thoughts
  • Talking rapidly
  • Engaging in risky behaviors (spending sprees, driving while drinking, etc.)


The symptoms of depression, including depressive episodes caused by bipolar disorder, include:


  • Feeling sad, worthless, hopeless
  • Losing interest in the activities you enjoy
  • Staying away from friends and family
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Struggling to make decisions
  • Feeling anxious or restless
  • Thinking about suicide

Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD) is different from mania and depression. DMDD appears in children and adolescents, causing severe anger, irritability, and temper outbursts. These behaviors are significantly more extreme and frequent than classic childhood temper tantrums.

How are mood disorders treated?

Mood disorders are treated with therapy, medication, or both. A few mood disorders, like bipolar disorder and severe depression, need medication to stabilize your mood. Otherwise, your treatment begins with therapy.

Debra specializes in many therapeutic approaches that help people overcome mood disorders. For example, you may learn ways to identify and change negative thoughts, improve communication and socialization skills, or recognize a pending mood swing and how to prevent it.

If you need help with mood swings, call Mayo Counseling Center, LLC, or use the online booking feature to request an in-person or telehealth appointment today.

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